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Enter the Dance celebrates the long awaited and highly anticipated return of the summer  festival season. With longer summer evenings and heatwaves on the way, we are ready to be back in the dance tents and out from dusk till dawn.

The creative for the concept is split into two parts; From Dusk and Till Dawn. With both parts of the creative showcasing how Footasylum have you covered for the festival season, taking  you from day to night, and right back round again. 

From Dusk, brings to life the festivals in the evening. With long exposed photography and elements of neon lighting to create an almost euphoric setting; mimicking a festival dance tent atmosphere. It’s fun, lively and all around good energy. The focus is  on how the hero products  are the perfect essentials for festivals this summer



Till Dawn, is the perfect parallel to From Dusk. The creative still plays into the idea of the lively and fun energy that naturally comes with festivals. Till Dawn captures the blue skies and open green spaces of an outdoor festival, still hinting to this euphoric feeling though mirrored surfaces; capturing both the atmosphere and the hero products of the season. 

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